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    CFMOTO has Introduced All Electric ATV at EICMA

    CFMOTO has Introduced All Electric ATV at EICMA

    CFMOTO has released its concept of futuristic all-electric All-Terrain vehicle (ATV) at the 2019 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy.

    The ATV, called Evolution A is much in talks due to its cutting edge design and wild innovation.

    The Evolution A is the next generation in CFMOTO ATV’s powered by an electric motor and drivetrain housed in an all-new chassis design.

    The ability of the rider to choose different power modes and change suspension settings whilst driving or on the fly are some of the unique features of the vehicle.

    Smartphone integration offers another set of features such as custom displays, navigation, tracking aids, phone calls, notifications, and social interaction platforms.

    The Evolution A displays the ability of CFMOTO to break the mould by looking beyond traditional concepts and pushing the boundaries in powersport products.

    ATVs are used in many applications, such as sports, entertainment, hunting, agriculture, military, and others. More than 50% of ATV sales come from sports and entertainment applications. These applications are expected to remain the largest types in the next five years as well.

    In an upcoming report by Stratview Research, they have stated that the global All-terrain vehicles market offers a healthy growth opportunity and is likely to witness 5.8% CAGR during the forecast period of 2016 to 2021. Recovery of the global economy and increasing disposable income are the major drivers of the all-terrain vehicles market. Increasing use of ATV in sports, agriculture, and entertainment purpose are likely to drive the demand during the forecast period. The US is the largest market for ATVs due to the presence of large stretches of natural terrain, unpaved roads, and large ranches and farms across the country.

    Source: CFMOTO