Market entry strategy is the process of planning and designing the steps that need to be followed once a company has decided to enter a target market. It’s a very common practice for big corporations as they keep looking for big avenues of growth. Since, it is not necessary that the company will have the required expertise of the target market where it plans to enter.

Our team helps to screen opportunities and underlying risks, and recommend the best approach for market entry. Various options of market entry such as direct investment, licensing, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships are explored and the best possible mode of entry is recommended taking in loop the client’s synergies and interests.

How can you benefit from our market entry strategy services?

  • Stratview Research Estimate the addressable market size and growth forecast
  • Stratview Research Study the existing competition
  • Stratview Research Identify the potential customers
  • Stratview Research Identify the potential barriers to entry
  • Stratview Research Stay informed about the government policies and regulatory environment
  • Stratview Research Understand the supply chain dynamics in the market
  • Stratview Research Assess the underlying risk in entering the market
  • Stratview Research Find out the potential market entry routes considering client’s synergies

Stratview Market Entry Strategy Model