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    Target Screening

    Identify companies with the best strategic fit for a profitable business alliance

    It is always difficult for a corporate or a private equity company to select the right acquisition target once they have decided to invest in a particular market. We have a standard methodology for target screening to identify the right potential target. Mutually agreed screening criteria is designed such as revenues, profitability, years into business, geographical presence, market presence, product portfolio, technological capability, and customer base.

    Our team has experience and expertise in executing numerous target screening projects for companies across the globe in various industries including chemical, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, etc.

    How can you benefit from our target screening services?

    • Assess the attractiveness of the target market segment for investment
    • Identify potential companies for investment
    • Evaluate the performance of the target companies
    • Project the target companies’ revenues
    • Assess the positioning and growth prospects of companies
    • Assess investment risks involved in the potential partners
    • Prepare investment thesis
    • Identify innovative companies with promising growth avenues
    • Negotiate with the potential partners for investment

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