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How are AI Chips Making the World a Smarter Place?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the next best things that the technology domain has for us. They are finding crucial applications in several areas left, right & center, which is helping them grow unbound. And to ai..

Published : Mar 01, 2023

The Reality of eVTOLs

Lost hours due to traffic congestion is a problem that worsens each year, and in fact, according to the United States Department of Transportation, highways in the United States operated in congested conditions for an average of 3 hours and 47 minute..

Published : Feb 27, 2023

Digital Twin Connecting the Real and Virtual World

How would you react upon seeing a replica of a what-if scenario for your product, or simulated structure of a plan? Wouldn’t it be surprising to process all the upgrades you wished to in a product before it steps into the real-world? Well, t..

Published : Feb 24, 2023

Dissolvable Frac Plugs : Simplifying and Accelerating O&G Production

Hydraulic fracking – a well-stimulation technique that involves fracturing of bedrock structures by pressurized liquids to increase production of the wells. U.S. crude oil production from hydraulic fracking leapfrogged from 8% in 2005 to a whop..

Published : Jan 01, 2023

Offshore Drilling Rigs: Drilling Prosperity for the World

Oil, natural gas, and coal are the conventional energy sources that have been empowering the growth and development of the world for 150 years. According to EESI (Environmental and Energy Study Institute), in 2020, fossil fuels constituted 80% of the..

Published : Dec 31, 2022

Orthopaedic Composites : Providing Life Without Limitations

Improvements in the orthopaedic sector is a continual process. To maintain a competitive edge and provide high-quality solutions in a rapidly growing market, the equipment manufacturers seek lighter, and better components that aid in easy and flawles..

Published : Dec 13, 2022

PCB Laminates : Heart and Soul of Any Electronic Device

Electronics Industry is one of the rapidly evolving industries that is driven by innovations. To keep up the pace, the players have to keep upgrading their products and services. One of the significant upgrades is the decreasing size of electronics. ..

Published : Nov 30, 2022

Electric Drive Modules : Driving EVs further and faster

Automotive industry is in the middle of a disruption. The whole industry is advancing towards zero-emission target for an obvious reason. Transportation accounts for one-fifth of the global CO? emissions, of which the road transportation has the majo..

Published : Nov 02, 2022

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