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Medical Scan of Seals: Applications & Opportunities

Seal is a critical component in almost all the industrial applications, and when its healthcare, the significance further fortifies. Imagine a situation where doctors are in the mid of an operation and one of the devices starts leaking. An infallible..

Published : Jan 12, 2022

Rising opportunities in the Automotive Ducts Market

Like any other machinery, automobiles are also complex and have a network of multiple parts working together to create an efficient operation. The user might not notice it, but an automotive duct is an indispensable piece of the complex machine that ..

Published : Dec 30, 2021

Oil & Gas Extraction with Eco-Friendly Fracking Chemicals, the Way Ahead

The terms ‘Fracking’ and ‘Eco-friendly’ might not go with each other. But ‘Eco-friendly fracking’ is a term that is becoming a buzzword in the Oil & Gas industry and has the potential to wipe out any environmen..

Published : Dec 16, 2021

EVTOLS: Engineered to 'Rise'

The popularity of EVTOL aircrafts has been exploding in the industry lately and in my opinion, it’s quite natural for an advancement this promising. These aircrafts can be powered by electric motors and are designed to take-off and land vertica..

Published : Nov 23, 2021

Below-Grade Waterproofing Market, Having a Strong Growth Foundation

One of the most critical elements that decide the life of any structure is the quality and extent of its waterproofing. Though a waterproofing system typically amounts to less than 1% of the total construction cost, it plays a critical role in ensuri..

Published : Jun 24, 2020

The High-Revving Market of Aircraft Engine Seals

Only on a strong foundation can a one-and-a-half-decade long growth phase survive, and it cannot be truer for the aviation industry. Unfortunately, the world saw itself reach a standstill for the first and second quarter of 2020, severely impacting t..

Published : Jun 17, 2020

Resilient Growth Expected in the Aircraft Aerodynamic Seals Market

The 16-year long growth streak of the Aviation industry has been brought to the screeching halt by the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis aggravates the problems faced by the aviation industry like the grounding of B737 max and delays in entries of most a..

Published : Jun 03, 2020

Disruptive Cold Plasma Technology & its Rising Adoption

Aurora or the Northern lights, the magnificent green hue that appears in the sky near Arctic and Antarctic regions has been a subject of much poetry and occult. Scientifically it is “Plasma”, one of the four fundamental states of matter t..

Published : May 27, 2020

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