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Skyrocketing Demand for Space Electronics Expected in Coming Decade

Space Exploration Space represents the final frontier for human exploration, albeit a limitless one. Since the launch of first human satellite i.e. Sputnik 1, 1957, over six decades we have ceaselessly strived to explore the cosmic hinterlands. In..

Published : Jan 08, 2020

The Rising Opportunities in Global Harmonic Filter Market

As the world moves closer to its target of providing electricity to all, the next emerging concern is the quality of power that is supplied, and it is fast becoming the cardinal issue of our digital age. A high-quality power has three aspects; ste..

Published : Dec 18, 2019

Composite Materials in Marine Industry Witnessing Growth Waves

Composites are not new to the marine industry. Although the marine industry holds less than 10% share in the composite materials market, it fairs well in terms of penetration of the material. The first boats produced in fibreglass and polyester lamin..

Published : Dec 09, 2019

Composite Panels Replacing Traditional Panels in Recreational Vehicles

When we talk about Recreational Vehicles (RV), optimum utilisation of space is an operative word, with spacious interiors and dynamic layouts being the need of the hour.  Another factor that adds to the efficiency of the vehicle, is maintaining ..

Published : Dec 05, 2019

Tire Yarn Market Rising with Increasing Rim Size & Lightweighting

With increasing focus of the world economies, on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, achieving fuel efficiency to meet emission norms has been the focal area of automobile manufacturing. Innovative light weight tires, with lower rolling resistance..

Published : Nov 13, 2019

Below Grade Water Proofing Market - Opportunities Galore

Keeping water infiltration at bay in tall and massive structures can be quite a vexing task. Water infiltration can corrode the structure over time and reduce its longevity. The key to a strong structure is its robust foundation. Although waterproofi..

Published : Nov 06, 2019

Sprouting growth of Thermoplastic Composites in Aerospace

The aviation industry generates about 2% of all human-induced Co2 emissions and 12% of the emissions of the transportation industry. On 6 March 2017, the 36-State ICAO Council has adopted a new aircraft CO2 emissions standard which shall reduce the i..

Published : Sep 19, 2019

Graphite Electrode Market Heated Up with Changing Demand Dynamics

In the current scenario of rising CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly methods for steel production are gaining popularity world over. The emerging economies are imposing new green regulations on its steel sector for reducing the carbon footprint...

Published : Sep 18, 2019

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