Sprouting growth of Thermoplastic Composites in Aerospace

The aviation industry generates about 2% of all human-induced Co2 emissions and 12% of the emissions of the transportation industry. On 6 March 2017, the 36-State ICAO Council has adopted a new aircraft CO2 emissions s..


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Graphite Electrode Market Heated Up with Changing Demand Dynamics

In the current scenario of rising CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly methods for steel production are gaining popularity world over. The emerging economies are imposing new green regulations on its steel sector for reducing the carbon footpri..


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Aerospace AFP and ATL Composites Market in Action

The Aircraft industry seems particularly fixated with composites for several reasons ranging from emissions pressures, higher strength-to-weight ratio, higher temperature resistance, lower part count, and higher fuel efficiency. The industry has a..


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The sound fundamentals and double-digit growth of Composite Frac Plugs & Frac Ba..

The crude oil has for long been the world’s most prized commodity and has rightly earned the sobriquet “liquid gold”. So potent are the vicissitudes of oil prices that it can make or break a nation; oil has indeed been a key vari..


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The thriving market of CIPP, a prodigious opportunity

From electricity, fiber-optic cables, telecommunication lines, water and gas pipelines to the network of the sewage system, beneath us lies an important nexus of resources. The potable water and wastewater pipelines act like arteries of the civic ..


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The Blazing Speed of Advancements in 3D Printing of Composites

Composites, the best of next-gen materials, have long been beleaguered by the lack of automation in its fabrication. The hand-layup process has abysmal rates of production (2.5 lbs/hour) and is very expensive while also being detrimental to human ..


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The Regulatory Changes Open New Vistas of Growth in Airbag Yarn Market

According to WHO, each year, around 1.3 million people perish in road accidents. Estimates of various other organizations reveal that every year global economy suffers a loss of about half a trillion dollars due to road accidents. Nothing can be d..


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Medical Robots Revolutionizing the Future of Healthcare

Robotics and AI are making the most complex jobs easy for humans. With growing technology, it’s bringing the confidence in using them, to accomplish some of the most critical tasks, repetitively with easy and near perfection. Continuous rese..


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The future of flying cars is closer than they appear

In the last century, airplanes and mass-­produced cars have changed the way we live. Cars, which became affordable for the general population, have allowed us to move farther away from cities, and planes have cut travel time to faraway destina..


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The Global stint of Lightweighting vehicles, making them Greener, and foreshadow..

[A process that not only caters to weight reduction but also aims at curtailing emissions]

Modern day automotive manufacturers (OEM) are obsessed with improvising the currently applied designing and component manufacturing ..


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