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    Due Diligence

    Evaluate the commercial potential of the target business

    Mergers & acquisition processes are usually conducted by two types of companies. First is the category of corporate companies which opts for a M&A mode to increase their market share, diversify in terms of product offering and geographical reach, decide to backward or forward integrate, etc. Second is the category of private equity companies whose primary business is to invest in high growth and high return markets/companies

    Both of the above mentioned category of companies need to conduct a commercial due diligence to take a final decision. We equally serve the needs of both the category of companies since a corporate client wants to get a commercial due diligence done from a neutral third party organization whereas a private equity client needs an expert which has deep understanding of the target company’s market and excellent capability to answer the necessary questions

    How can you benefit from our due diligence services?

    • Assess the target company’s addressable market and growth opportunities
    • Assess the target company’s technology as compared to current alternative technologies
    • Benchmark the target company’s technology as compared to other competitive technologies to address the needs of the industry
    • Find out if the target company has a competitive advantage over other suppliers
    • Assess the risk that a disruptive technology/future technology that could displace the product/technologies offered by the target company
    • Find out if the target company has synergies with the buyer company
    • Find out if the target company has significant customer base which are loyal
    • Determine the financial performance of the company over past five years
    • Decide if market position of the target company defensible

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