Capability assessment and gap analysis is a complex exercise which must be carried out by any company willing to grow organically and enter a new market. Improper capability assessment and gap analysis leads to wastage of resources and investment. Stratview follows a rigorous process to take out the best out of the client’s capabilities and helps ease the market entry process.

We help our clients to identify the industry requirements and unmet needs of the market. Our diligent capability assessment process enables our clients to identify the capability gaps on the most relevant market requirements. Our clients are able to build upon the market expertise and expedite the process of market entry, thus saving huge sum of money.

How can you benefit from our capability and gap analysis services?

  • Stratview Research Assess the capability based on relevant parameters
  • Stratview Research Identify key industry requirements
  • Stratview Research Identify market gaps and unmet needs
  • Stratview Research Conduct strategic factors assessment
  • Stratview Research Assess the alignment of company’s capability with market needs
  • Stratview Research Have optimized resource allocation
  • Stratview Research Identify partners with right capability to speed up market entry

Stratview Capability Assessment and Gap Analysis Model

Stratview Research