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    Michelin, GM take the air out of tires for passenger vehicles

    Michelin, GM take the air out of tires for passenger vehicles

    20% tires get scrapped each year due to punctures or irregular wear. Out of this, 12% get damaged due to blowouts, and 8% due to irregular wear by improper tire pressure. Almost, 200 million tires get scrapped each year that is equivalent to the weight of 200 Eiffel towers.

    Michelin Uptis (Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System) is an airless mobility solution for passenger vehicles, which keeps away the risk of flat tires and blowouts that happen due to punctures or road hazards. Uptis is the first of a new generation of airless solutions, supported through innovation & technology, valued partnerships, and sustainable design.

    Innovation and Technology: Uptis is a significant development in existing airless mobility technology. It keeps away regular maintenance such as pressure checks, and inspections for damage such as punctures. This makes it perfect for the future vehicles from self-driving shuttles to all-electric vehicles.

    Valued Partnerships: General Motors, a major global OEM and valued partner to Michelin, has signed a joint research agreement as a co-development partner, with the breakthrough goal of making Uptis a mainstream reality on passenger vehicles as early as 2024.

    Sustainable Designs: The revolutionary design and materials of Uptis will yield massive sustainability benefits, such as reducing the number of tires that are condemned to scrap and reducing overall raw materials and energy used in tire production.

    Uptis, an assembled airless wheel structure technology for passenger vehicles, will offer many advantages.

    • Car drivers feel safe and secure on the road since the dangers of flat tires and blowouts are eliminated.
    • Fleet owners and professional vehicle drivers optimize their business productivity (no downtime from flats, near-zero levels of maintenance).
    • Reduced raw materials reduce waste.
    • Revolutionary Design Yields Massive Benefits

    The concept of the tire VISION was unveiled in 2017 at Movin'On itself. Michelin has its focus on the four main innovation pillars: Airless, Connected, 3-D printed or rechargeable tread pattern, and 100% sustainable (renewable or bio-sourced materials).

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    News Source: Michelin