Rochling Automotive, Magna International Inc., and SRG Global are the top three players in Automotive Active Aerodynamic Market

The global automotive active aerodynamic market is characterised by a moderate level of consolidation with the presence of more than 10 active players. The top three market leaders are Rochling Automotive, Magna International Inc., and SRG Global which together captured more than 80% share of the market in 2017. All the three major players are expected to remain the most dominant ones over the next five years as well. Other major players include HBPO (The module company), Shape Corporation, Starlite Co., In, Batz.

All the major players are well diversified with having presence in other automotive components as well. They all have a vast product portfolio, an excellent product development capability, a wide geographical reach, an excellent distribution network, and an excellent customer base.

Rochling Group is the market leader in the global automotive active aerodynamics market with majority of the market share in 2017. It is leader in manufacturing active aerodynamic components for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, medium & heavy-duty vehicle globally. The company is a leading global provider of acoustic, aerodynamic and fluid management solutions. It developed the first grille shutter system in the world, which was put into series production by the BMW Group in 2002 making air grilles visible for the first time, witnessing aerodynamics directly. The grille shutter system is integrated in the decorative grille “BMW kidney grille”. The company is manufacturing various aerodynamic systems such as controllable grille shutter systems, active speed lips, active air dams and thermoacoustic engine encapsulations and many more.

Magna International Inc. is the second largest player in the global automotive active aerodynamics market. The company’s active aerodynamics product portfolio includes active grille shutter, active front deflector, active lift gate spoiler, active air dam. Its active grille shutter product range includes visible, non-visible, horizontal active grill shutters and others. In 2018, the company launched active air dam in Ram 1500 pickup truck. The active aero system is expected to save an estimated 10 million gallons of fuel annually across the Ram truck fleet.

SRG Global is the third largest player in the market. The company is highly diversified in the market and offers a good range of products for the aviation, Industrial and others. The company manufacture active grille shutters which respond to the driving environment in order to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.

According to Stratview Research, the global automotive active aerodynamics market is likely to grow at an impressive double-digit over the next five years to reach US$ 1,113.5 million in 2023.

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