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    Toray Develops PPS Resin with World’s Highest Flexibility

    Toray Develops PPS Resin with World’s Highest Flexibility

    Toray Industries, Inc. recently developed a new polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin with what it claims to be at the world’s highest flexibility level while keeping up with its prevalent heat resistance and chemical resistance. The organization intends to commence the usage of the new resin primarily in automobile application starting from April this year with further expansion of its applications into various other industrial material fields.

    PPS resin is an advanced engineering plastic with well-balanced heat resistance and chemical resistance properties, and its sales are growing at an annual pace of about 7%.In addition to its primary application in automobiles where heat resistance and high strength are important parameters, PPS resin containing elastomers are also used in application where flexibility becomes a prime constraint, like in washers and automobile piping. Development of PPS resin with high flexibility while maintaining heat and chemical resistance had been a challenge over many years.

    By optimizing the polymer structure using its innovative material design based on a technology database, Toray succeeded in the development of the novel PPS resin, with the world’s highest flexibility level of 1200 MPa or less in elastic modulus. The technological database accumulated in the company’s research and development over many years with the precise alloy control technology based on its proprietary nanoalloy® technology further fueled the development process of the new PPS resin. In addition to high resistance to acids and vehicle coolants, the mechanical strength of the new PPS resin does not deteriorate even after 1,000 hours at 170?.  The company has also been working to verify the processability of the resin with an eye on deployment in automobile piping application and optimization of resin property. According to Stratview Research, the global automotive ducts market is projected to reach an estimated value of US$ 1,442.2 million in 2024 driven by growth in automobile production and increasing demand for lighter ducts.

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    Source: Toray