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  • TCI Announces Launch of Passive Filter with Remote Connectivity and Monitoring

    TCI Announces Launch of Passive Filter with Remote Connectivity and Monitoring

    Tue 27, Nov 2018

    This year on the 15th of October, TCI launched new version of passive harmonic filter, that comes with remote connectivity – the HarmonicGuard® Passive (HGP) with PQconnect®.  This first of its kind passive harmonic filter is said to offer advanced communication capability, monitors power quality and offers autonomous contactor control.

    Electrical systems are compromised continuously by the rise in non-linear loads resulting in harmonic distortion. The HarmonicGuard® Passive (HGP) is a drive applied 5% passive filter that is said to limit the immediate harmonic distortion to below 5% over a wide load range. Better power quality and increased overall system uptime can be achieved by adding passive harmonic filter to the electrical system. Inclusion of PQconnect permits users to remotely oversee filter performance and filter status detections using a communication protocol of their choice.

    PQconnect enables the users to access system performance data without the need to physically open and maintain their filter enclosures. The initial deliverance of PQconnect enables users to retrieve the real-time data through TCI's PQvision desktop application or their existing SCADA system.

    "As the penetration of non-linear loads, such as VFDs, increases, so does the risk of power quality related failures and downtime," explains Steve Bright, VP of Marketing and Sales. "A passive harmonic filter is an inexpensive and easy way to mitigate these risks. Now, by adding PQconnect to our passive filters, our customers have access to the power quality data they need to ensure the operation of their critical equipment is uninterrupted."

    Ashish Bendre, President of TCI, states, "In today's connected world, products need to interact with other products and users. TCI is focused on building this communication into all our product lines. And as we look toward the future, we plan to implement other communication options to meet our customers' needs."

    The HarmonicGuard® Passive (HGP) along with PQconnect is ideal for any type of industrial application which uses variable frequency drives. The communication board itself is said to be secured to resist severe environments.

    According to Stratview Research, the global harmonic filter market is projected to grow at a healthy rate over the next five years to reach an estimated value of US$ 1,059.1 million in 2023. Increasing use of power electronics that basically operates through electronic switching, increasing levels of harmonic distortions of voltage and current waveforms in power systems, increasing usage of variable frequency drives (VFDs), rising demand from the data centers and IT industries, increasing number of metal arc furnaces worldwide, increasing concern for potential damage from power frequency variations, and increasing use of sensitive electronics in industrial automation process are some of the factors burgeoning the growth of harmonic filters worldwide.

    According to the report, passive harmonic filters are the most dominant in the market and are best suitable for constant loads, as they eliminate or bypass lower order fixed harmonics of current or voltage by tuning passive filters at the resonance frequency.

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    Source: TCI