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    Laughter for the Health of it MediClown Certification as an Investment Market?

    Laughter for the Health of it  MediClown Certification as an Investment Market?

    There are smart career choices and then there are mature career choices in the medical field. This article is intended for people who want to look beyond the conventional and work as a therapist and bring a smile. Are you aware that there is a “Certification in Humor Professional and Recreation and Humor”, these therapist are much in demand in hospitals, healthcare organizations, hospice.

    Reader with background in biological science must be aware that behavioral and psychological events can influence the immune system.  Researchers from the field of psychoneuroimmunology have proved that immune system sends signals to the brain that could potentially alter neural activity and in turn alter everything that flows from the neural activity. The premise is that a patient’s mental state influences diseases and healing.

    Humor Therapist can focus on laughter and humor since these are the most universal and visible forms of positive emotions that human beings can express. The importance of being able to laugh it off in a tough and stressful situation can take care of your blood sugar level, blood pressure and several other things.

    Who can apply for this certification? Well, there is humor in most situations, if one can identify it and bring it to light, then you are eligible. To develop the humor bone in your subjects is a rewarding task for a therapist as you are helping them get better naturally and without side effects. The job requires engaging with subjects to ease their anxiety that comes with a hospital experience, Out-patient clinic, at the time of vaccination (for pediatrics subjects), before surgery and overall promote optimism in grim wards. This is not a clown’s job, but required certified therapist and a more responsible and a sensitive one.

    Where is the requirement? In Patients wards in hospital, Day care clinics, Vaccination clinics, Long Term Care Set ups, Hospice, Schools, Trauma centres, Rehab centres and more.

    How big is the opportunity? There is a complete white space in APAC.

    Where are these certifications available? In India, Chennai based Saveetha University in partnership with Puducherry based MeDi Clown Academy offers fellowship in the art and science of “MeDiClowning” or FASMC. It’s a 600 hours course, one of its kind in Asia.

    What can be the hurdles? It is important to maintain boundaries with subjects and follow their leads when it comes to humor in healthcare settings or hospice. While working with terminally ill patients, one needs to be extra sensitive towards them, as humor therapy works very slowly until they are out of depression or anger. Also in situations where the subject are nauseous or in pain, they might get offended if someone tries to create humor out of the situation or otherwise.

    Do’s and Don’ts: Always respect the wishes of your subject, if they don’t respond well to humor or prefer a more serious environment, turn off the playfulness and focus more on straightforward professionalism and don’t do anything offensive. Combined with scientific skills and compassion, humor offers a humanizing dimension in healthcare and that is too valuable to be overlooked. It can be THE glue that can bing the human connections together between the care giver and subject and help them heal faster.


    Working with terminally ill patients is an incredibly rewarding career, but equally emotional for therapists. Shared humor should not replace care and concern. It should complement your subjects overall wellness and not otherwise.


    Disclaimer: The Author is an avid writer and a medical professional who has been publishing articles in various business journals across Asia Pacific and USA for the last 19 years. This article is a mere collection of opinion of thought leaders, and author’s personal opinion on healthcare issues blended with some bits of crucial industry information. The write-up does not claim to be a game changer or a disruptive idea and is based purely on the secondary market research tools and published information available worldwide. If you wish to contact the author in private or share your ideas in public, please write to us at [email protected]