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  • Lamborghini’s Futuristic Concept Electric Supercar that Stores Energy

    Lamborghini’s Futuristic Concept Electric Supercar that Stores Energy

    Thu 13, Dec 2018

    The ‘Terzo Millennio’ concept supercar stores energy in its carbon fiber body and structural components, at the same reducing the vehicle’s weight.

    Working towards the future of automotive, cars are being evolved to perform on electric technology. Engineers are continuously putting efforts to design cars which meet future needs and therefore emphasizing on energy storage systems. Lamborghini (Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy) has recently revealed its new concept electric supercar, called the Terzo Millennio – which is the outcome of a collaboration between the Italian luxury car maker and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge, MA, US) – that researches on various innovative technologies in energy storage and advanced materials.

    According to Road Show, the car utilizes supercapacitors in place of batteries, which are competent of accepting and delivering a charge faster than current age batteries. Supercapacitors are capable to resist a number of charge cycles and possess much higher storage capacities than batteries or regular capacitors.

    On top of it, the Terzo Millennio concept taps its carbon fiber body and structural components for storing energy. The composites are said to be structured in a way that it increases the availability of electric energy, which acts as rechargeable battery, at the same time reducing the vehicle’s weight.

    The carbon fiber materials also enable the car to utilize technology that puts a continuous check on the vehicle’s health, discovering the presence and breeding of cracks in the carbon fiber structure.

    The supercar and it’s technology may sound like a work of science fiction, but the Terzo Millennio, which in Italian means “third millennium,” is targeting at multiple technologies that can potentially move the automotive industry ahead in exhilarating ways for future generations.  

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    Source: Lamborghini