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  • Ford to Use Graphene Under the Hoods of F-150 Pickup and Mustang Pony Car

    Ford to Use Graphene Under the Hoods of F-150 Pickup and Mustang Pony Car

    Fri 19, Oct 2018

    American multinational automaker, Ford Motor Company to feature graphene – a relatively new nanomaterial which is said to be 200 times stronger than steel. It will be used under the hoods of passenger vehicles like the Ford F-150 pickup and Ford Mustang pony car. Ford has been working together with Eagle Industries and XG Sciences, to come up with a method to make use of graphene in more than ten under- the-hood components, including fuel rail covers, pump covers, and front engine covers.

    Graphene, which is said to be exceptionally thin and flexible and has very strong sound-barrier properties, is going to be mixed with foam constituents to produce strong parts with noise reduction properties.

    “A small amount of graphene goes a long way,” says Eagle Industries President John Bull. “In this case, it has a significant effect on sound absorption qualities.”

    Tests conducted by the company have shown nearly 17-percent reduction in noise, a 20-percent improvement in mechanical properties, and a 30-percent improvement in heat-endurance properties for Ford’s graphene-containing foam, vs. the same foam material without any graphene content. Also, all of this comes without any weight penalty.

    “The breakthrough here is not in the material, but in how we are using it,” says Ford Senior Technical Leader of Sustainability and Emerging Materials Debbie Mielewski. “We are able to use a very small amount, less than a half percent, to help us achieve significant enhancements in durability, sound resistance and weight reduction – applications that others have not focused on.”

    As per Ford, it will start using graphene on under-the-hood components for its F-150 pickup and Mustang by this year end, and eventually it will spread to other models in its passenger vehicle lineup.

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    News & Image Source: Ford Authority