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    Daher Acquires KVE Composites Group

    Daher Acquires KVE Composites Group

    Daher, the aircraft manufacturer and industrial equipment and services provider, on June 3 announced the acquisition of KVE Composites Group. This acquisition is a part of Daher’s “Succeed Together” strategic Plan for 2018-2022 structured around three priorities: greater added value, accelerated growth in North America; and establishing itself as the innovation and digital benchmark in all its business sectors. KVE Composites Group, a Dutch company, specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of high-performance thermoplastic composite components.

    At a press conference in Paris, Daher CEO Didier Kayat stated: “Our strategic plan for 2018-2022 continues to progress as planned, and the Group is on track to capture the value generated by its priority initiatives. In combination with our capital investment program and long-term vision, the commitment, innovative expertise and energy of our teams give me real confidence in the continued growth of Daher.”

    This acquisition allows the Daher group to prepare now for the technological revolution of future aircraft programs by delivering weight savings, cost savings, and increased recyclability of structural components.

    Thermoplastic composites are the new favourites of aerospace industry which has witnessed quite a lot of strategic alliances recently. According to Stratview Research, the global market for thermoplastic composites in aerospace industry will reach US$ 678.4 million in 2024.

    Thermoplastic composite materials also have intrinsic qualities that optimizes component life cycles and material usage. In fact, material wastage is 15% lower than the traditional materials. Thermoplastic materials are recyclable and deliver considerable benefits in resource conservation.

    KVE Composites Group is now an expert in the induction welding of thermoplastic composite components, with more than 20 years of experience and 7 patents filed. This process paves the way for a reduction of around 75% in the number of rivets traditionally used in the assembly of fuselage structures. In addition to a 15% weight saving, the removal of certain fastener elements saves production and assembly time to deliver an immediate financial gain. This particular process has been already in use in many of the aircraft programs now.

    This acquisition is fully consistent with the ongoing implementation of the strategic plan we introduced last year, which aims to establish Daher as a key stakeholder in the market for thermoplastic structural components; a Group with the ability to offer its customers a total solution, from component development and production through to certification and installation. The acquisition of KVE Composites Group will accelerate the development work we are doing on more complex applications of thermoplastic composite materials as part of offering our customers increasingly effective solutions,” said Daher CEO Didier Kayat.

    These new materials and their associated technologies will become increasingly important in the aerostructures market because they respond effectively to multiple manufacturer challenges, including weight reduction, lower consumption, productivity and – ultimately – aircraft competitiveness. In this way, Daher is getting into a leading position in this technology with the potential to be used for major structural sub-assemblies going forward.

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    News Source: JEC

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