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  • $621.5 Million Contract Awarded to General Dynamics for 3 Land C4ISR by the Canadian Army

    $621.5 Million Contract Awarded to General Dynamics for 3 Land C4ISR by the Canadian Army

    Tue 19, Feb 2019

    The Government of Canada recently awarded General Dynamics with three contracts to support the Land Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) system for Canadian Army. The contracts include: Engineering and Integration, Software Support and Cyber Security Engineering Support.

    Together with Calian, Scalar Decisions and DLS Technology Corporation, General Dynamics will offer the Canadian Army an enhanced capacity to help secure the communications and information systems they rely upon, while proceeding to create advancements that generates greater economic impact for Canada.

    "General Dynamics has a long and proud history of working closely with the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Army – winning these programs means that we continue to be part of their future," said David Ibbetson, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Mission Systems–International.  "With these three contracts, we take seriously the faith that the Government of Canada has placed in us to deliver for Canada, the Canadian Army and our soldiers, while creating and sustaining jobs for years to come.

    The Land C4ISR system, which is a part of every Canadian Army vehicle, weapons platform and headquarters, helps to coordinate and conduct modern operations. Specifically:

    1. The Transition Software ISS Contract, valued at $197.75M, will provide substantial support to software that helps integrate various data points such as GPS-based position reporting into a single system to facilitate time-specific and informed decision-making.
    2. The Cyber Security Engineering ISS Contract, valued at $56.50M, supports the protection of the Land C4ISR data systems in events of theft or damage to the valuable information they contain.
    3. The Engineering and Integration ISS Contract, valued as $367.25M, will ensure complete integration of the Land C4ISR system.

    Stratview Research has cited General Dynamics as one of the leading players in its report on global C4ISR systems market which is expected to clock an annual sales of over $110 billion in 2023. Increasing military expenditure, especially by the developing economies including China and India, an increased demand for mobile command systems, and a rising demand for advanced electronic systems are the major drivers of the market, according to the report.

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    Source: General Dyanimcs, Stratview Research