AFP/ATL Machines Market Size, Impacted by COVID-19, to Reach US$ 0.44 Billion in 2026, Say..

Stratview Research 22-04-21

Stratview Research announces the launch of a new research report on AFP/ATL Machines Market by Machine Type (AFP, ATL, and Hybrid AFP/ATL), by End-User Type (Tier Players, OEMs, and Others), and by Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World), Trend, Forecast, Competitive Analysis, and Growth Opportunity: 2021-2026.

This strategic assessment report, from Stratview Research, provides a comprehensive analysis that reflects today’s AFP/ATL machines market realities and future possibilities for the forecast period 2021 to 2026. The report segments and analyzes the market in the most comprehensive manner to provide a panoramic view of the market. The strategic report also studies and analyzes the impact of COVID-19 on the market and provides a detailed overview of the possible market recoveries in the long run. The vital data/information provided in the report can play a crucial role for market participants as well as investors in the identification of low-hanging fruits available as well as formulate growth strategies.

AFP/ATL Machines Market: Highlights from the Report

The disruptive journey of composites in various industries has not been hidden from the world, especially in the aerospace, automotive, wind energy, and marine industries. Among all, aerospace is one industry that has witnessed excellent penetration of advanced composites in the crucial sections including fuselage and wings of the next-generation aircraft, B787 and A350XWB.

However, the road to success for composites in the aircraft industry was not that easy as it seemed. Prepregs are the most suitable material for fabricating composite parts that are laid layers on layers manually, generally at a rate of 2.5 lbs. per hour. It was impossible to fabricate large number of composite parts with such a low layup rate. To overcome this challenge, close collaboration between aircraft OEMs and tier players with composite industry stakeholders was required to develop advanced processes that are fully automated and have an extremely higher layup rate with increased part performance. This factor has led to the successful development of AFP/ATL machines for fabricating aircraft structural parts including fuselage and wings.

The year 2018 was the iconic year for the AFP/ATL machine suppliers with the highest number of AFP/ATL machines sold worldwide, a landmark figure that the industry never touched before. However, the market players recorded a massive plunge in 2019. The key factor behind this massive decline was the grounding of B737Max, which forced Boeing and related tier players to seize their investment plans for AFP/ATL machines for the program as well as for other programs.

Thereafter, the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has entirely flipped the dynamics of the market in 2020. The pandemic has exacerbated the existing industry challenges. Some of the key challenges are deferment in aircraft deliveries by airlines, halts in production activities in the several production facilities of key OEMs, production cut by major OEMs (Airbus slashed production rates of their key aircraft programs by 1/3rd and similar announcements by Boeing), fall in operating margin and stock prices of the industry stakeholders, huge COVID-related cost, and remote work affecting the efficiency.

Based on the study of market recoveries in previous downturns (The Great Recession) coupled with primary interviews across the supply chain, Stratview estimates suggest that the AFP/ATL machines market is likely to commence rebounding from 2021 onwards, followed by maintaining sequential growth till 2026, ultimately reaching a value of US$ 0.44 billion by 2026.

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The AFP/ATL machines market is segmented based on the machine type as AFP machine, ATL machine, and hybrid AFP/ATL machine. Despite the massive decline in 2020, AFP machine is expected to remain dominant till 2026, owing to the increasing development of low-cost AFP machines and increasing acceptance of these machines in a wide array of industries including automotive and space.

Based on the end-user type, tier players and OEMs are likely to remain the major procurers of these machines in the coming years. Others mainly include universities and research centers, which generally procure AFP/ATL machines for the research and development purpose to find an innovative solution for various industries. 

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Even though North America and Europe have registered massive declines in 2020, both regions are expected to remain the key demand generators of the market till 2026. The USA is the growth engine of North America’s market with the presence of all major aircraft OEMs, tier players, and major AFP/ATL machine suppliers.  As per the recent estimate of IATA, the global air passenger market has suffered huge losses with a -65.9% decline in word RPKs in 2020, with Europe, Middle East, and North America enduring massive losses. Asia-Pacific is likely to witness the fastest recovery during the forecast period, driven by a host of factors including increasing demand for commercial aircraft to support the expected rise in passenger traffic and upcoming indigenous aircraft (COMAC C919 and CR929).

The supply chain of this market comprises component suppliers, AFP/ATL machine suppliers, AFP/ATL composite part fabricators, tier players, distributors, OEMs, airlines, aircraft leasing companies, and MRO companies. Key AFP/ATL machine manufacturers are M.Torres Diseños Industriales S.A.U, Electroimpact Inc., Coriolis Composites technologies SAS, Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc., Fives, Accudyne System, Inc., Automated Dynamics, and Mikrosam AD. Development of low-cost robotic AFP machines, close engagement with OEMs for the development of custom machines addressing specific requirements of clients, expansion in untapped and growing markets, and execution of mergers & acquisitions are the key strategies adopted by the major players to gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Report Features

This report provides market intelligence in the most comprehensive way. The report structure has been kept such that it offers maximum business value. It provides critical insights on the market dynamics and will enable strategic decision making for the existing market players as well as those willing to enter the market. The following are the key features of the report:

  • Market structure: Overview, industry life cycle analysis, supply chain analysis.
  • Market environment analysis: Growth drivers and constraints, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis.
  • Market trend and forecast analysis.
  • Market segment trend and forecast.
  • Competitive landscape and dynamics: Market share, product portfolio, product launches, etc.
  • Attractive market segments and associated growth opportunities.
  • Emerging trends.
  • Strategic growth opportunities for the existing and new players.
  • Key success factors.

This report studies the AFP/ATL machines market and has segmented the market in three ways, keeping in mind the interest of all the stakeholders across the value chain. Following are the three ways in which the market is segmented:

AFP/ATL Machines Market, by Machine Type

  • AFP Machine (Regional Analysis: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW)
  • ATL Machine (Regional Analysis: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW)
  • Hybrid AFP/ATL Machine (Regional Analysis: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW)

AFP/ATL Machines Market, by End-User Type

  • Tier Players (Regional Analysis: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW)
  • OEMs (Regional Analysis: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW)
  • Others (Regional Analysis: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and RoW)

AFP/ATL Machines Market, By Region

  • North America (Country Analysis: The USA and Rest of North America)
  • Europe (Country Analysis: Germany, France, Russia, and Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (Country Analysis: Japan, China, and Rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Rest of the World (Sub-Region Analysis: The Middle East, Latin America, and Others)

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