World's First 3D-Printed Commuter Bicycle Made with Carbon Fiber

World's First 3D-Printed Commuter Bicycle Made with Carbon Fiber

Wed 06, Jun 2018

Arevo, a CIA-backed Silicon Valley start-up, has produced what it says is the world’s first carbon fiber bicycle with 3D-printed frame. Arevo is using the bike to demonstrate its design software and printing technology, which it hopes to use to produce parts applications where designers prize the strength and lightness of carbon fiber composite parts but are put off by the high-cost and labor-intensive process of making them.

On June 4, Hexcel Corporation (Stamford, CT, US) congratulated Arevo for producing the world’s first true 3D-printed commuter bike using Hexcel carbon fiber. Arevo CEO Jim Miller says, “It was great to have Hexcel — a leader in advanced carbon fiber — join this project with us. With companies like Hexcel as partners, we are certain that we have the technology, team and tools in place to commercialize our software and fabrication process to build high strength parts that the manufacturing industry hasn’t been able to conceive and construct before.”

Arevo recently secured financing to build on the full-scale commercialization of its technology across a diverse set of industries such as aerospace, defense, transportation, automotive, consumer electronics, sporting goods, medical, and oil and gas.

According to a report from Stratview Research, the global 3D-Printed composites market is projected to reach US$ 111.1 million in 2022. In the composites industry, 3D printing technology is relatively new and unheralded, but it has now got successful in gaining ground, driven by an advancement in the 3D printing technologies, low part cycle time, an efficient process, compatibility with all possible material combinations, lower material wastage, and an organic growth of composite materials in the different industries.

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