Stratview Research


A leading polyamide resin manufacturing company wanted to understand the growth potential for polyamide resin in airbag industry and know the supply chain dynamics of airbag yarn market.

Client Objective

The client wanted to analyze the supplier market, customer analysis, and supply chain linkages from polyamide resin to airbag manufacturers. The client also wanted to know the degree of substitution of polyamide resin with the competing resin and identify the leading airbag manufacturers using the substitute resin.

Our Solution

We conducted extensive primary interviews across the supply chain and identified the linkages among the key players. We provided the market assessment at different supply chain nodes.
We provided the annual demand of polyamide and the competing resin by the leading airbag yarn manufacturers.
We also mapped the annual capacity along with the expansion plans of key customers by country.


Our study helped the client understand the changing dynamics in the global airbag industry and devise the growth strategies.