Stratview Research


A leading cooking oil manufacturer in India wanted to study export potential of rice bran oil and conduct competitive benchmarking of the key exporters.

Client Objective

The client wanted to expand the company’s business by exporting rice bran oil from India to the top export destinations. The client wanted to understand the competition in the export market in order to devise competitive sales strategies and gain market share globally.

Our Solution

We assessed hundreds of exporters of rice bran oil on the most important parameters including pricing, packaging, market share, export destinations, and respective ports of export. We also studied the regulatory environment and export processes for different countries.
We also developed the complete export strategy for our client suggesting the product strategy along with the export destinations, list of importers, and the respective ports and export agents.


Our study helped the client to reduce the lead time and start exporting to the leading destinations across the globe. Our export strategy helped the client to gain a significant share in the market and increase its revenues.