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    SGL Carbon has Produced Composite Leaf Springs for Ford Transit

    SGL Carbon has Produced Composite Leaf Springs for Ford Transit

    SGL Carbon, this year, has produced longitudinal leaf springs made of glass fiber-based composite for Ford Transit rear axles in series. The springs are used in combination with the Transit Skeleton chassis to apply where high payloads plan an important role. These new composite leaf springs weight about 50 percent lesser to the traditional ones along with offering increased security standards. The serial application is supported by one-to-one compatibility with standard steel springs.

    This is the first composite leaf spring project of Ford in series worldwide. SGL Carbon delivers the leaf springs ready to install to the Ford-Otosan assembly plant in Kocaeli, Turkey.

    The design of these composite longitudinal leaf springs for the Ford Transit Skeleton chassis is yet another milestone in the development of production-ready lightweight leaf springs. They are not only characterized by their special material properties and semi-automatic production but especially by their high compatibility with various customer model variants,” explains Sebastian Grasser, Head of the Automotive Composites – Fibers & Materials business unit at SGL Carbon.

    Leaf spring concepts are an important part of the SGL Carbon strategy to support the automotive industry with innovative lightweight solutions made of glass fiber-based components.

    The global automotive composite leaf spring is a niche market and it is likely to remain niche in the foreseeable future. It possesses a significant growth potential and is forecasted to grow at an attractive rate in the coming years.

    As per a report published by Stratview Research, automotive composite leaf spring market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 9.6% in the coming three years or so.

    Source: SGL Carbon