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    CEAD has Expanded its Collaboration with Siemens for 3D Printing of Large Fiber Reinforced Polymer

    CEAD has Expanded its Collaboration with Siemens for 3D Printing of Large Fiber Reinforced Polymer

    CEAD and Siemens have expanded their collaboration to the next level and have displayed the new development, AM Flexbot on the Siemens booth D81, Hall 12.1 at the Formnext 2019 event. The 3D printing system enables printing of large fiber reinforced thermoplastic objects in a much shorter time. Sinumerik 8400 sl controls the large system for movement precision.

    Siemen’s Sinumerik CNC along with Run MyRobot/Direct Control, a Comau robot arm, and single screw extruder unit from CEAD join together to make the latest AM Flexbot so special. With the Comau and Sinumerik Run MyRobot/Direct Control Solution and fully integrated into a CNC system, the required precision in the complex robot movement can be achieved to enable not only the correct deposition of material, but also the milling of the part to a final contour.  Though this system is now ready but CEAD is also aiming at adding some more features to it.

    By using Siemen’s Sinumerik Run MyRobot/Direct Control together with a Comau robot arm in our latest solution, we are able to deliver a modular system scalable to fit our customer’s needs as many different functions can be added at any time. We are very pleased to work with Siemens and their reliable products”, explains Lucas Janssen, Operations Director at CEAD and one of the founders of the company.

    As per Stratview Research, 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) is still at a nascent stage in the composites industry, but the technology possesses huge opportunities in most of the industry verticals including aerospace & defense and automotive. The technology offers several benefits over existing processes, such as lower part cycle time, efficient part manufacturing, ability to create variable geometries, reduction in waste, no need for expensive tools, and compatibility with all possible material combinations.

    Stratview Research has also stated that the global 3D-Printed composites market is projected to grow at an impressive rate in the coming five years to reach an estimated value of US$ 187.7 million in 2024.

    Apart from the latest development, Siemens is also planning to include the 3D printing system of CEAD into its Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC) in Erlangen, Germany to display the potential of large-scale Additive Manufacturing with thermoplastic composite materials. The AMEC offers an excellent insight into real industrialized Additive Manufacturing use-cases with seamlessly integrated digital toolchain and state of the art automation of Siemens for various additive technologies. More than 4,000 customers and industry experts have been visiting the AMEC since its opening in April 2018.

    We are delighted showing an industrial solution from CEAD for multi-axis composite printing combining Comau’s robotics, CEAD’s Additive Manufacturing and our best in class CNC technology. The end-to-end offering integrated with our Digital Enterprise portfolio addresses an important need for large scale, highly flexible and economically efficient industrial applications at the same time”, explains Dr. Karsten Heuser, Vice President Additive Manufacturing at Siemens Digital Industries.