We help clients to continuously improve and re-evaluate their purchasing activities. Purchasing is the basic need for organizations of all sizes. There could be two basic challenges which the procurement team of a company faces. First is supply chain disruption and second is cost savings while purchasing. Supply chain disruptions are often handled by IT tools whereas for cost savings during procurement, companies often lack resources to get results. Supply chain procurement is one of the key areas which help a corporation save cost and meet customer demands. This is a time and resource consuming process and needs huge expertise to deliver appropriate results. This is where you need services of a procurement intelligence service provider that can save ample time & cost of your procurement team. Our team of researchers and analysts helps to improve your procurement functions across the value chain.

Supply Chain risk management Stratview Sourcing & Supply Chain Model

Analyze the category spends

Stay informed about supply market

Devise categry management strategy

Mitigate supply chain risks

Know about emerging trends

Insure against potential risks

Stratview Research

Cut down cost and increase organizational gains with high customer satisfaction

Our Services In Sourcing & Supply Chain

Stratview Research

One of the foremost activities for strategic sourcing is to assess the current spending of the company. At Stratview, we can help conduct an in-depth analysis of the current spending of your company. We study the spend categories, the sourcing destinations, and procurement prices. We help benchmark our client’s spend with the best industry practices and identify the gaps, enabling them to take quick measures and save costs significantly.

How can you benefit from our spend analysis services?

  • Stratview Research Benchmark the current spending with the best industry practices
  • Stratview Research Identify the economical procurement sources
  • Stratview Research Stay informed about the emerging sourcing destinations
  • Stratview Research Determine the most suitable procurement price
  • Stratview Research Study the emerging developments across the value chain
  • Stratview Research Negotiate for the best procurement option
  • Stratview Research Project the company’s spending and build spend strategy
  • Stratview Research Evaluate and mitigate the financial risks with in-depth spend analysis
Stratview Research

Stratview team delivers in-depth and customized research for the categories including category market intelligence, competitive landscape, category risks, and the most relevant market insights. Our category specific research enables category managers to focus on their respective categories and devise sourcing strategies on behalf of the whole organization.
Our category management services help category managers take informed buying decisions saving huge costs and get the competitive advantage.

How can you benefit from our category management services?

  • Stratview Research Evaluate the supply market across the categories
  • Stratview Research Stay well informed about the latest developments in buying categories
  • Stratview Research Evaluate the risks across the categories
  • Stratview Research Assess the effectiveness of company’s category strategy
  • Stratview Research Benchmark your strategy with the category strategies in the market
  • Stratview Research Project short and long term category prices
  • Stratview Research Build strategy roadmap and execution plan
  • Stratview Research Devise risk mitigation strategies
Stratview Research

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s of utmost importance to identify best fit suppliers to optimize the procurement costs and earn profits. Stratview helps its clients screen the best suppliers suited to the specific business needs. High cost benefit ratio enables our clients satisfy their own customers without sacrificing profits.
Our supplier screening methodology helps our clients mitigate supply chain risks by evaluating the suppliers on critical parameters impacting the supply chain dynamics such as track record, pricing, capability, distribution network, geographical reach and contract terms and conditions.

How can you benefit from our supplier analysis & screening services?

  • Stratview Research Identify the existing suppliers in a supply market
  • Stratview Research Identify the new suppliers in the market
  • Stratview Research Prepare profile of the suppliers
  • Stratview Research Analyze the suppliers’ capabilities
  • Stratview Research Screen the best suppliers for long term business value
  • Stratview Research Identify the risks associated with the suppliers
  • Stratview Research Evaluate the suppliers on key performance criteria
Stratview Research

Procurement and supply chain risk identification and evaluation are imperative for effective cost controlling. We provide risk management services across the value chain of a market. We help our clients identify and evaluate the supply chain risks and develop risk mitigation strategies for them. Our expert team monitors the business environment and identifies the potential risks arising out of the market developments such as supplier risks, currency risks, political risks, and operational risks.
Our risk management services help our clients prepare for the potential supply market risks and enable them to allocate resources in a manner which prevents heavy financial losses.

How can you benefit from our supply chain risk management services?

  • Stratview Research Identify issues and challenges across the value chain
  • Stratview Research Assess the impact of supply chain risks
  • Stratview Research Devise risk mitigation strategies
  • Stratview Research Monitor suppliers for risk prevention
  • Stratview Research Identify the potential risks and devise risk prevention strategies
  • Stratview Research Insure yourself with the potential supply chain risks
  • Stratview Research Gain critical insights on the highly dynamic business environment
Stratview Research

Stratview’s supply market intelligence service helps the procurement professionals know the latest developments in the supply market and take informed decisions to minimize the cost and mitigate the market risks. We track the factors which have an impact on the supply market dynamics for our clients such as supply market size, supply/demand gaps, commodity prices, emerging trends, competitive landscape, and regulatory environment.

How can you benefit from our supply market intelligence services?

  • Stratview Research Estimate the short and long term growth forecasts of the supply market.
  • Stratview Research Identify the emerging trends in the supply market
  • Stratview Research Identify the latest developments in the supply market
  • Stratview Research Identify the supply chain risks and their impact
  • Stratview Research Know the new low cost procurement sources
  • Stratview Research Conduct pricing analysis of the raw materials
  • Stratview Research Study the competitive landscape of the supply market
  • Stratview Research Stay informed about the new product launches
  • Stratview Research Stay informed about the regulatory developments