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  • Automotive Shift By Wire Systems Market Report

    Automotive Shift By Wire Systems Market Report

    Automotive Shift By Wire Systems Market Report
    Report code - SRTI161 Published On : Dec,2019 No. of Pages: 223
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    Automotive Shift-By-Wire Systems Market Size, Share, Forecast, Competitive Analysis, and G See more...

    Impact of COVID-19 on Automotive Shift By Wire Systems Market

    Covid-19 has impacted the market dynamics, competition, and global...

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    Impact of COVID-19 on Automotive Shift By Wire Systems Market

    Covid-19 has impacted the market dynamics, competition, and global supply chain. The revenues have gone down in 2020 and may resume an uptrend gradually from 2021. Companies optimizing their operation and strategy will sustain and beat the competition.

    Note: The summary below might not have included insights on covid impact since we have large number of reports.

    Automotive Shift-by-Wire (SBW) Systems Market: Highlights

    Shift-by-wire systems are gear shift systems in which the transmission modes are changed in a vehicle through electronic controls without any mechanical linkage between the gear shifting lever and the transmission. SBW systems are used in different types of automatic transmission vehicles and their subcategories, such as continuously variable transmission (CVT), dual-clutch transmission (DCT) and automatic manual transmission (AMT). With this technology, electro-mechatronic signals connect the gearbox with the gear selector. When the driver selects propulsion direction, the signal is wirelessly transmitted to a gearbox receiver.

    Market Forecast & Drivers

    SBW system is among a few automotive components that are witnessing a double-digit rate. Even the cyclic decline of the overall automotive industry has a relatively less impact on the overall demand for SBW systems, the growth is ensured by an incessant shift from mechanical transmission systems to SBW systems. 

    The automotive SBW systems market is projected to offer healthy growth opportunities and is likely to reach US$ 2,139.5 million in 2030. Some of the factors driving the demand for SBW systems are noted below:

    • Expected recovery in vehicle production in coming years
    • Growing penetration of automatic transmission vehicles in the overall vehicle production
    • Emergence of electric vehicles
    • Significant weight reduction along with an improvement in fuel economy with SBW systems 


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    Shift-by-wire Systems Market Share Analysis

    SUV to remain the largest segment driven by its increasing penetration

    Stratview has firstly segmented the market based on the vehicle type as hatchback, sedan, SUV, and others. SUV is expected to remain the largest market segment in the years to come, propelled by the trend of the shift from sedans and hatchbacks towards SUVs. Spacious interiors and comfortable and satisfying driving experience have generated a sheer interest for SUVs among consumers. Further, there is also a slightly higher penetration of SBWs in SUVs over other vehicle types.

    Electric Vehicles to grow at a faster pace than combustion vehicles

    Our analysis on another market segmentation, which is based on the powertrain type, suggests that combustion vehicle is forecasted to remain the larger consumer of SBW systems in the near future. On the contrary, electric vehicles are likely to exhibit faster growth during the same period. Various prominent EV models, such as Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Toyota Pirus, and Audi e-tron, are equipped with SBW systems.  

    Joystick, the most preferred design of SBW

    The study’s outcomes on different design types advocate that joystick is the most preferred design of SBW among Joystick, rotary, lever, buttons, and others, in years to come. Rotatory is another key segment that holds a considerable share and is likely to exhibit the highest growth in the near future. Some of the key vehicle models that are equipped with rotary SBW systems include Land Rover Discovery, Jaguar XE, and Chrysler Pacifica.

    Europe has been at the forefront in the adoption of the SBW systems

    In terms of regions, Europe is so far the largest automotive SBW systems market propelled by early adoption of SBW systems by the region’s leading automakers such as BMW AG, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen AG, and Groupe Renault. On the other hand, Asia-Pacific likely to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. China is the growth engine of the Asia-Pacific’s market, propelled by increasing adoption of SBW systems by the leading Chinese OEMs such as FAW, Changan Automobile, Geely, and GWM (Great Wall Motors) in some of their vehicle models.

    Key Players

    The supply chain of this market comprises raw material suppliers, components manufacturers, SBW systems manufacturers, and automotive OEMs.

    The key SBW systems manufacturers are

    • ZF Group
    • Kongsberg automotive
    • Ficosa International SA
    • KOSTAL Group
    • GHSP Inc.
    • Kuster holding
    • Atsumetic Co. Ltd.
    • Dura Automotive Systems
    • Sila Group
    • Tokai Rika Co. Ltd.
    • Eissmann Group Automotive
    • JOPP Group

    New product development, advancements in automotive SBW systems’ functionality, and collaboration with OEMs are the key strategies adopted by the major players to gain a competitive edge in the market


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    Research Methodology

    This report offers high-quality insights and is the outcome of detailed research methodology comprising extensive secondary research, rigorous primary interviews with industry stakeholders and validation and triangulation with Stratview Research’s internal database and statistical tools. More than 1,000 authenticated secondary sources, such as company annual reports, fact book, press release, journals, investor presentation, white papers, patents, and articles, have been leveraged to gather the data. More than 15 detailed primary interviews with the market players across the value chain in all major regions and industry experts have been executed to obtain both qualitative and quantitative insights.

    Report Features

    This report, from Stratview Research, studies the global automotive SBW systems market over the trend period 2014 to 2019 and forecast period 2020 to 2030 in terms of both value and units. The vital data/information provided in the report can play a crucial role for the market participants as well as investors in the identification of low-hanging fruits available in the market as well as formulate growth strategies. 

    This report provides market intelligence in the most comprehensive way. The report structure has been kept such that it offers maximum business value. It provides critical insights into the market dynamics and will enable strategic decision making for the existing market players as well as those willing to enter the market. The following are the key features of the report:

    • Market structure: Overview, industry life cycle analysis, supply chain analysis
    • Market environment analysis: Growth drivers and constraints, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis
    • Market forecast analysis
    • Market segment forecast
    • Competitive landscape and dynamics: Market share, product portfolio, product launches, etc.
    • Attractive market segments and associated growth opportunities
    • Emerging trends
    • Strategic growth opportunities for the existing and new players
    • Key success factors

    Market Segmentation

    The market is segmented into the following categories:  

    Automotive SBW Systems Market, By Vehicle Type

    • Hatchback
    • Sedan
    • SUV
    • Others

    Automotive SBW Systems Market, By Powertrain Type

    • Combustion Vehicles
    • Electric Vehicles

    Automotive SBW Systems Market, By Design Type

    • Joystick
    • Rotatory
    • Lever
    • Buttons
    • Others

    Automotive SBW Systems Market, By Position Type

    • Console
    • Steering

    Automotive SBW Systems Market, By Region

    • North America (Country Analysis: The USA, Canada, and Mexico)
    • Europe (Country Analysis: Germany, France, The UK, and Rest of Europe)
    • Asia-Pacific (Country Analysis: Japan, China, South Korea, and Rest of Asia-Pacific)
    • Rest of the World (Brazil, Argentina, and Others)

    Report Customization Options

    With this detailed report, Stratview Research offers one of the following free customization options to our respectable clients:

    Company Profiling

    • Detailed profiling of additional market players (up to 3 players)
    • SWOT analysis of key players (up to 3 players)

    Market Share

    • Current market size (2019) of automotive SBW systems market in any of the design type by vehicle type

    Competitive Benchmarking

    • Benchmarking of key players on the following parameters: Product portfolio, geographical reach, regional presence, and strategic alliances

    Custom Research: Stratview research offers custom research services across sectors. In case of any custom research requirement related to market assessment, competitive benchmarking, sourcing and procurement, target screening, and others, please send your inquiry at [email protected].


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