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  • Electric Drive Module Market Report

    Electric Drive Module Market Report

    Electric Drive Module Market Report
    Report code - SRTI148 Published On : Apr,2019 No. of Pages: 195
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    Market Insights

    This decade is proving to be the most disruptive for the automotive industry with key trends, such as alternative vehicles, autonomous vehicles, shared vehicles, and connected vehicles, are primarily transforming the industry. Among all, alternative vehicles, especially electric vehicles, earned the most traction in the industry, owing to their zero-emission feature. The sheer interest of the non-automotive companies, such as Google and Apple, for the development of electric vehicles further augments the positive outlook of the electric vehicles in the coming years.

    To make electric vehicle a more viable option for customers, automakers have rigorously been working for the development of efficient infrastructure, supply chain as well as high-performance and cost-effective components. Among many developments, One of the most promising achievements is the development of electric drive module (eDM). Electric vehicle powertrain has significantly evolved in the past few years, as researchers and manufacturers in the industry are paying significant attention and interest in the development of efficient powertrain solution for electric vehicles.

    Electric drive module offers, a compact, highly integrated, and an all-in-one solution for the electric vehicle powertrain. The main three components (electric motor, power electronics, and transmission) of an electric powertrain are integrated into a single module in order to deliver improved performance and to omit many components, such as connectors, cables, and hydraulic connections.

    The electric drive module market is a multi-million-dollar business today and its size is estimated to grow to multi folds over the next seven years to reach US$ 10.7 billion in 2025. The expected journey of eDM from the current multi-million-dollar business to two-digit billion-dollar opportunity is primarily propelled by a magnificent growth in the demand for electric vehicles, owing to increasing adoption of electric vehicles over ICE vehicles, coupled with superior benefits of eDMs. This integrated system delivers high power-to-size ratio, excellent cost effectiveness, high system efficiency, excellent durability, and weight saving. It is a suitable claimant addressing the challenge of procuring individual components from a different supplier and further assembling of each component in the electric vehicle.


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