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  • Marine Outboard Engines Market - 2025

    Marine Outboard Engines Market - 2025

    Marine Outboard Engines Market - 2025
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    Marine Outboard Engines Market Size, Share, Trends, Forecast, & Competitive Analysis:( See more...

    Market Insights

    The marine outboard engines market is estimated at US$ 5.11 Billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period to reach US$ 5.58 Billion in 2025.

    Marine Outboard Engines Market Snapshot

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    What is a marine outboard engine?

    Marine outboard engines, commonly referred to as outboard motors or simply outboards, are propulsion systems designed specifically for boats. They are self-contained units consisting of an engine, gearbox, and propeller, mounted on the stern (back) of the boat. Outboard engines are typically used on smaller watercraft, such as fishing boats, pleasure boats, and small recreational vessels.

    Marine Outboard Engines Market Report Overview

    Market Size in 2025

    USD 5.11 Billion

    Market Size in 2019

    USD 5.58 Billion

    Market Growth (2020-2025)

    CAGR of 5.8%

    Base Year of Study


    Trend Period


    Forecast Period



    Marine outboard engines are the brightest stars of the marine industry as they represent the lion’s share of the marine engines market for the global recreational boating industry. In the USA itself, which is the biggest market for recreational boats, outboard engines account for more than 85% share of the total marine engines sold in the country.

    The history of marine outboard engines can be seen back in the early ’90s and have come along a long path of more than 100 years. The power of outboard engines gradually increased with the first 100 HP V-6 outboard engine introduced in 1975. This gave rise to 175- and 200-horsepower outboards on the market. In the past few years, the major push has been toward producing larger and more powerful outboard engines.

    The Great Recession (2008-2009) greatly plunged the sales of marine outboard engines, throwing the sales even below their previous decade level. (The USA: 275.5 thousand units in 2007 and 180.7 thousand units in 2009; EMEA (including Russia): 332.4 thousand units in 2007 and 204.7 thousand units in 2009. It took almost a decade for the USA to hit back its pre-recession sales level in 2018 (278.5 thousand units in 2018), whereas, till 2019, Europe even could not close to its pre-recession level.

    Market Dynamics

    The marine outboard engines? market is driven by a host of factors, some of which are noted below:

    • The population of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), i.e., individuals with great financial means, is growing rapidly. This population has a proclivity for luxury items such as recreational boats and accompanying equipment such as outboard engines. According to studies, the number of HNWIs in the world is expected to grow by 8.5% in 2023, reaching a total of 22.5 million.
    • Boating accounts for ~37% share of the outdoor participants in the USA. The outdoor recreation participant base grew 2.3% in 2022 to a record 168.1 million participants or 55% of the U.S. population.  Increasing outdoor recreation participants including boating participants is driving the demand for new boats as well as outboard engines.
    • There is a huge shift in demand from 2-stroke to 4-stroke engines, which compelled major players to develop 4-stroke outboards that weigh and perform comparably better than the 2-stroke outboards. The increasing share of 4-stroke outboard engines is driving the overall marine outboard engines market in terms of value.
    • There has been an increase in the average power of outboard engines in the past few years. This trend in demand for more powerful engines can be linked to a variety of things, including water sports and leisure activities, higher speeds, and enhanced performance.
    • Growth in global marine freight transport directly affects marine outboard engines. More than 80% of global transport is done via oceans with the help of marine craft that requires marine outboard engines. The marine transport industry is expected to experience substantial growth in the coming years, and so is the marine outboard engine market.

    Segment Analysis

    Engine Power Trends

    Stratview has firstly segmented the market based on the engine power type as < 75 kW, 75-110 kW, 110-150 kW, and >150 kW. <75kW engine power segment held a significant market share in 2019 & is likely to remain dominant in terms of unit shipments by 2025. However, the segment is likely to lose away its share to the mid-range and high-power segments, majorly in the USA and some key Western European countries.

    Japan, China, Russia, and Germany are some key countries with the highest penetration of low-power engines. The majority of outboard engine demand in these countries is less than <30 kW. The <150 kW engine power segment has been gaining a significant share in the market, especially in the USA.

    Marine Outboard Engines Market Segments share

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    Boat Trends

    Our analysis based on the market segment of the boat type suggests that the fishing segment dominated the market with a significant share in 2019 & is expected to remain the dominant boat type among fishing, leisure, sailing/transport, and others.

    Pontoon, center console, and multi-species boats have been gaining traction in the segment. Both saltwater and freshwater fishing are generally performed on an outboard-powered boat, which creates a huge demand for outboard engines.

    Regional Insights

    The North American market is also estimated to register huge losses due to the pandemic. Despite the severely hit region, the region is projected to remain the largest market for marine outboard engines during the forecast period. 

    Marine Outboard Engines Market By Region

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    The USA is the world’s largest market for both outboard engines as well as recreational boats, with Florida being the largest single market. All the major players have a strong presence in the region to tap the huge market.

    Asia-Pacific is currently a small market but is likely to be the fastest-healing region in the market in a post-pandemic scenario. China, Australia, and Japan are key countries in the market generating considerable market demand.

    The market is registering significant changes in regional dynamics in pre-COVID and post-COVID scenarios. All regions mark a huge decline in outboard engine sales in 2020; however, EMEA is estimated to be the worst-hit region due to the pandemic.

    The market is segmented in the following ways:

    By Engine-Power Type:

    • <75 kW
    • 75-110 kW
    • 110-150 kW
    • >150 kW

    By Boat Type:

    • Fishing 
    • Leisure
    • Sailing/Transport
    • Others

    Region Analysis:

    • North America Analysis
    • EMEA
    • Asia-Pacific
    • South America

    Marine Outboard Engines Market Share by countries

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    Key Players

    The supply chain of this market comprises material suppliers, parts manufacturers, outboard engine manufacturers, boat manufacturers, and dealers/distributors. The following are the key players in the marine outboard engines market-

    Constant upgradation to sync with the market circumstances makes the above-mentioned companies stand out. These companies are taking a step ahead to be in the stiff competition, few of them are: 

    On April 2023, Yamaha Marine updated their popular XTO Offshore V-8 outboard, increasing power from 425 to 450 horsepower, allowing boaters to experience the comfort and ease of operation associated with the XTO range. Enhancing this propulsion package with modern technologies, more conveniences with more torque and power, and gentler shifting and operating sound levels. 

    On January 2023, Mercury Marine (Brunswick Corporation) extends the warranty program for new outboard engines from 2.5 to 400 hp. With the purchase of new outboards within the predetermined power range, the firm will provide its usual three-year limited warranty in addition to an extra two years of factory-backed Mercury Product Protection Gold coverage. 

    On August 2022, Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. introduces the new Rotax Outboard Engine, an all-new low-profile outboard propulsion unit with a horizontal powerhead and propeller drive. The low-profile design is intended to eliminate clutter on the transom and will be exclusive to BRP boat brands Alumacraft, Manitou, and, in Australia, Quintrex. 

    COVID-19 Impact Analysis

    The outbreak of COVID-19 destructively pressed the break-in engine sales, making the sales almost standstill in leading economies. It is estimated that global marine outboard engine sales will experience a colossal decline in 2020, taking engine sales to touch below the Great Recession Level in the year 2020.

    It is anticipated that there would be a gradual recovery in the sales of outboard engines post-pandemic. From 2022 onwards, the market is likely to mark a speedy recovery in the sales of outboard engines across regions, assisting the outboard engine sales to mark long-term growth.

    The pandemic will imprint both short as well as long-term repercussions in the marine outboard engines market; however, the market will find some solace in the long-term scenario with some driving factors including expected growth in HNWI population, increasing boating participants, growing interested towards outboard boats from sterndrive or inboard boats, and increasing demand for high-power outboard engines.

    Healthy recovery in outboard engine sales from 2022 assist the industry stakeholders to push global sales to marginally above 750 thousand units by 2025; however, it will be significantly lower than the 2019 sales figure.

    Research Methodology

    For calculating the market size, our analysts follow either Top-Bottom or Bottom-Top approach or both, depending upon the complexity or availability of the data points.

    Our reports offer high-quality insights and are the outcome of a detailed research methodology comprising extensive secondary research, rigorous primary interviews with industry stakeholders, and validation and triangulation with Stratview Research’s internal database and statistical tools.

    We leverage a multitude of authenticated secondary sources, such as company annual reports, government sources, trade associations, journals, investor presentations, white papers, and articles to gather the data.

    More than 10 detailed primary interviews with the market players across the value chain in all four regions and industry experts are usually executed to obtain both qualitative and quantitative insights.

    Report Features

    This comprehensive report, from Stratview Research, studies the marine outboard engines market over the trend period of 2014 to 2019 and the forecast period of 2020 to 2025 in terms of both, unit shipments as well as value. The report estimates the short- as well as long-term repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic on the demand for outboard engines at the global, regional, as well as country level.

    The vital data/information provided in the report can play a crucial role for market participants as well as investors in the identification of low-hanging fruits available in the market as well as to formulate growth strategies in order to expedite their growth process.

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    Market segment analysis and Forecast

    Which are the top players and their market positioning?

    Competitive landscape analysis, Market share analysis

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    What are the factors affecting the market?

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    Recent Development

    On 23 March 2023, Sharrow Marine releases the all-new, groundbreaking Sharrow XO™ Series Sharrow Propellers. These propellers were specially designed to utilize the power of the modern high-performance large-diameter hub V8, V10, and V12 outboard motor platforms to their maximum potential. The combination of Sharrow XO™ Series and True Advance™ Technology delivers the optimum results.

    On November 25, 2022, Mercury Marine added the new V10 outboard motors to its range, marking the industry's first in the boating world. The brand-new Verado outboard motors have 5.7 liters, two trim levels, and 350 and 400 horsepower respectively. The engines were designed to provide significant amounts of power with less harshness, vibration, and noise than the competitors.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Marine outboard engines, commonly referred to as outboard motors or simply outboards, are propulsion systems designed specifically for boats. They are self-contained units consisting of an engine, gearbox, and propeller, mounted on the stern (back) of the boat. Outboard engines are typically used on smaller watercraft, such as fishing boats, pleasure boats, and small recreational vessels.

    The market is estimated to reach US$ 5.58 Billion by 2025.

    The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period.

    Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., Brunswick Corporation (Mercury Marine), Suzuki Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co. Inc., Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., Tohatsu Corporation, AB Volvo, Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., Ltd., and Hidea Power Machinery Co., Ltd are among the key players in the market.

    North America is projected to remain the largest market for marine outboard engines during the forecast period.

    The fishing segment is expected to remain the dominant boat type in the market during the forecast period.

    The supply chain of this market comprises material suppliers, parts manufacturers, outboard engine manufacturers, boat manufacturers, and dealers/distributors.


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