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  • Aircraft Pneumatic Valves Market Forecast | 2023-28

    Aircraft Pneumatic Valves Market Forecast | 2023-28

    Aircraft Pneumatic Valves Market Forecast | 2023-28
    Report code - SR2422 Published On : Mar,2023 No. of Pages: 125
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    Market Highlights

    The aircraft pneumatic valves market is likely to grow from USD 0.7 billion in 2022 to reach USD 1.4 billion by 2028 at a healthy CAGR of 10.0% during the forecast period.

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    What are aircraft pneumatic valves?

    Aircraft valves are the fittings through which fluid flows. They control the flow of fluid by opening and closing the valve door. When compressed air is used as fluid to move something, then the system is called a pneumatic system and the valve is called a pneumatic valve. The aerospace pneumatic system mainly consists of air conditioning, anti-icing, water pressurization, hydraulic reservoir pressurization, and an engine starting system. 

    Aircraft Pneumatic Valves Market Report Overview

    Market Size in 2028

    USD 1.4 Bn

    Market Size in 2022

    USD 0.7 Bn

    Market Growth (2023-2028)

    CAGR of 10.0%

    Base Year of Study


    Trend Period


    Forecast Period




    Key factors fueling the growth of the market are:

    • Rebounding commercial aircraft production, aging aircraft fleet size.
    • Increasing use of electric valves in modern aircraft.
    • Fervent efforts toward developing electric aircraft as the companies are focusing more on servo-hydraulic and servo-pneumatic valves.

    Key Players

    The market is moderately consolidated with the presence of a fair number of players. Most of the major players are diversified and offering several products targeting aerospace industry. Furthermore, these companies are part of large group, making them one of the biggest tier players in the aerospace industry.

    The following are the key players in the aircraft pneumatic valves market.

    Recent Market JVs and Acquisitions: A fair number of strategic alliances including M&As, JVs, etc. have been performed over the past few years:

    • In September 2022, Parker-Hannifin Corp., a global leader in motion and control technologies, announced the completion of its acquisition of Meggitt PLC at nearly US$ 10 billion.
    • In May 2022, Transdigm Group inc. acquired DART Aerospace, a key helicopter manufacturer, for approximately US$ 360 million, to expand its market position in the helicopter industry.

    Segment Analysis


    List of Sub-Segments

    Dominant and Fastest-Growing Segments

    Material-Type Analysis

    Titanium, Aluminum and, Others

    Titanium is expected to remain the dominant material type in the coming years.

    Application-Type Analysis

    Engine, Landing Gears, Wheels and Brakes, ECS, Flight Control, and Air Conditioning

    Engine is anticipated to remain the biggest demand generator for valves in the years to come.

    Aircraft-Type Analysis

    Commercial Aircraft, General Aviation, Business Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Helicopter, and UAVs

    Commercial aircraft is expected to remain the biggest demand generator for pneumatic valves over the next five years.

    End-User-Type Analysis

    OE and Aftermarket

    OE is expected to remain the dominant end-user type throughout the study period.

    Regional Analysis

    North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World

    North America is expected to remain the largest market over the next five years, whereas Asia-Pacific is likely to grow at the fastest rate.



    By Material Type

    The market is segmented into titanium, aluminum, and others. Titanium is expected to remain the dominant material type in the market with a share of more than 70% in 2022. Titanium and its alloys are used in valves because of their low weight, high strength (high specific strength), and heat protection characteristics.

    Amid the Russo-Ukrainian war, there has been a sharp increase in the price of materials, especially titanium alloys. Both airframers, Boeing and Airbus, are working hard to develop alternate titanium suppliers after the ban on imports from Russia. Russia is the powerhouse of titanium production. Other materials, such as stainless steel, are also used in the development of aerospace pneumatic valves.

    By Aircraft Type

    The market is segmented into commercial aircraft, general aviation, business aircraft, military aircraft, helicopter, and UAVs. Commercial aircraft are expected to remain the biggest demand generator for the valves market with a share of more than 55% in 2022.

    After a significant drop in commercial aircraft production amid the pandemic, all major airframers, especially Boeing and Airbus, are raising the production rates of their key programs. Supply chain disruption, labor shortage, inflation, etc. remain a big challenge before airframers achieve their targets. In its latest commercial aircraft outlook, Boeing anticipated that approximately 41,170 commercial and regional aircraft will likely be delivered in the next twenty years, suggesting a sustainable demand for all types of vales in the long term.

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    By Application Type

    The market is segmented into engines; landing gears, wheels, and brakes; environmental control systems; flight control, and air conditioning. Engine is expected to remain the major demand generator for pneumatic valves market with a share of more than 35% in 2022.

    Engine requires pneumatic systems for a wide range of purposes from starting the aircraft to power transmission within the aircraft, controlling the flow of air from the turbine, and passing it to other parts of the aircraft. CFM (Safran/GE JV) delivered 1,136 LEAP engines (certified for A320neo, B737Max, and C919) in 2022 and has set a target to deliver 1,300 engines in the year 2023, despite supply chain disruption. Availability of critical raw materials paired by inflation and labor shortage remain major hurdles before engine makers achieve their targets.

    By Region

    With the highest growth in the demand for aircraft pneumatic valves, Asia-Pacific is expected to remain the fastest-growing market during the forecast period. China, Japan, Singapore, and India are the leading markets in Asia-Pacific. As per Boeing’s latest commercial aircraft outlook, approximately 17,000 aircraft are likely to be delivered in the Asia-Pacific region out of which 8,500 will be in China only. India is likely to add about 2,400 aircraft in the next twenty years.

    North America is estimated to maintain its dominance in the aircraft pneumatic valves market with a share of more than 40% in 2022. All the major valve producers, such as Parker-Hannifin Corp. (Parker Aerospace), Honeywell International Inc., Eaton Corporation plc, GE Company, and Woodward Inc., have a strong presence in the region. Airframers, like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Lockheed Martin, contribute a substantial share of the region’s market. The assembly plants of engines and aircraft and technological developments in valve technologies mainly drive the demand in this area.

    To know which region offers the best growth opportunities,

    Research Methodology

    This strategic assessment report, from Stratview Research, provides a comprehensive analysis that reflects today’s aircraft pneumatic valves market realities and future market possibilities for the forecast period.

    The report segments and analyzes the market in the most detailed manner in order to provide a panoramic view of the market. The vital data/information provided in the report can play a crucial role for the market participants as well as investors in the identification of the low-hanging fruits available in the market as well as to formulate the growth strategies to expedite their growth process.

    This report offers high-quality insights and is the outcome of a detailed research methodology comprising extensive secondary research, rigorous primary interviews with industry stakeholders, and validation and triangulation with Stratview Research’s internal database and statistical tools.

    More than 1,000 authenticated secondary sources, such as company annual reports, fact books, press releases, journals, investor presentations, white papers, patents, and articles, have been leveraged to gather the data.

    We conducted more than 15 detailed primary interviews with the market players across the value chain in all four regions and industry experts to obtain both qualitative and quantitative insights.

    Report Features

    This report provides market intelligence in the most comprehensive way. The report structure has been kept such that it offers maximum business value. It provides critical insights into the market dynamics and will enable strategic decision-making for the existing market players as well as those willing to enter the market. The following are the key features of the report:

    • Overview, industry life cycle analysis, supply chain analysis.
    • Environment analysis: Growth drivers and constraints, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis.
    • Trend and forecast analysis.
    • Segment trend and forecast.
    • Competitive landscape and dynamics: Market share, Product portfolio, New Product Launches, etc.
    • COVID-19 impact and its recovery curve
    • Attractive market segments and associated growth opportunities.
    • Emerging trends.
    • Strategic growth opportunities for the existing and new players.
    • Key success factors.

    Customization Options

    With this detailed report, Stratview Research offers one of the following free customization options to our respectable clients:

    Company Profiling

    • Detailed profiling of additional market players (up to three players)
    • SWOT analysis of key players (up to three players)

    Competitive Benchmarking

    • Benchmarking of key players on the following parameters: Product portfolio, geographical reach, regional presence, and strategic alliances

    Custom Research: Stratview Research offers custom research services across sectors. In case of any custom research requirement related to market assessment, competitive benchmarking, sourcing and procurement, target screening, and others, please send your inquiry to sales@stratviewresearch.com

    A Bird's Eye View of the Market

    The aircraft pneumatic valves market is likely to grow at a healthy CAGR of 10.0% during the forecast period.

    Parker-Hannifin Corp., Honeywell International Inc., Transdigm Group, Inc., Liebherr Group, Woodward Inc., Raytheon Technologies Corporation, General Electric Company, Safran S.A., Eaton Corporation plc, and Rolls-Royce plc are the leading players in the market.

    Asia-Pacific is estimated to remain dominant in the market in the foreseeable future.

    The aircraft pneumatic valves market is likely to grow from USD 0.7 billion in 2022 to reach USD 1.4 billion by 2028.

    With the highest growth in the demand for aircraft valves, Asia-Pacific is expected to remain the fastest-growing market during the forecast period.

    The engine is estimated to be the dominant application in the market in the coming years, propelled by advancements in engines to improve efficiency.


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