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    Cryptococcosis Market Report

    Cryptococcosis Market Report
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    Cryptococcosis Market Size, Share, Trend, Forecast, & Industry Analysis: 2021-2026
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    Market Insights

    What is Cryptococcosis?

    Cryptococcosis is a fungal disease that is caused either by Cryptococcus neoformation or Cryptococcus Gatti. It is mainly spread through the inhalation of fungus which is associated with bird species. It usually infects animals & humans. Humans are primarily infected by inhaling the fungus. The fungus especially affects the lungs, although it has the potential to spread to the brain, which is then referred to as meningitis. The symptoms of the disease include headache, fever, dry cough, fatigue, and blurred vision. It can be treated by providing dozes of flucytosine, amphotericin B, and fluconazole.

    The Cryptococcosis Market is estimated to grow from USD 4.7 billion in 2020 to USD 6.2 billion by 2026 at a healthy CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period.

    Cryptococcosis Market- Research Scope

    Base Year of Study


    Trend Period


    Forecast Period


    Market Size in 2020

    US$ 4.7 billion

    Market Size in 2026

    US$ 6.2 billion

    Market Growth (2021-2026)

    4.6% CAGR


    Figure: Cryptococcosis Market Size, 2020-2026 (USD Million)


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    Market Drivers

    The cryptococcosis market is mainly spurred by an increasing number of HIV patients across the globe. Also, it has been deduced that the death of 15% of HIV patients is mainly due to cryptococcosis. HIV patients are immunocompromised and possess a weak immune system, which offers an easy entry for such fungus. In underdeveloped countries, people are not diagnosed with HIV early owing to a lack of diagnostic tests, although efforts are being made by several government agencies to eliminate HIV. Furthermore, the rising prevalence of cryptococcosis, availability of advanced treatment, and developments in diagnosis & treatment of cryptococcosis bolster the market growth in the coming years.

    Covid-19 Impact Analysis

    The outbreak of COVID-19 moderately affected the cryptococcosis industry as the pandemic resulted in a surge in the number of patients. This resulted in shift of healthcare facilities mainly towards COVID-19 care as well as lesser funds for HIV care, thereby affecting the market growth.

    Segments' Analysis

    Treatment Trends

    Based on treatment, the cryptococcosis market has been divided into amphotericin B, flucytosine, fluconazole, and others. The flucytosine segment held a significant market share in 2020. Flucytosine is a water-soluble, small molecule that is a nucleoside analog antifungal drug that acts by disrupting pyrimidine metabolism in the fungal cell nucleus. It is primarily administered as the first-line treatment in combination with other antifungal medications, thereby augmenting the market growth.

    Regional Trends

    By region, the North American Cryptococcosis market accounted for the largest share in 2020 and is expected to grow at a significant CAGR during the review period. The cryptococcosis market growth can be ascribed to increasing HIV cases, well-established healthcare infrastructure, growing medical spending, strong funds for R&D to eradicate HIV, the surging prevalence of cryptococcosis, and rising technological advancements in the region.

    The Asia-Pacific Cryptococcosis market is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the review on account of the growth of the major end-use industries. This growth is mainly attributed to the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical & biotechnological sectors, the presence of a large number of HIV patients, increasing awareness regarding AIDS, and the strong proliferation of healthcare infrastructure.

    Critical Questions Answered in the Report

    This market research report provides in-depth information on trends, dynamics, revenue opportunities, competitive landscape, and recent developments in the global cryptococcosis market. The historic years considered for the study are 2016-2019, the base year is 2020, the estimated year is 2021, and forecast period is 2022-2026. Following are the critical questions answered in the report.

    • What are the key trends in the cryptococcosis market?
    • How the market (and its various sub-segments) has grown in the last five years and what would be the growth rate in the next five years?
    • What is the impact of COVID-19 on the cryptococcosis market?
    • What are the key strategies adopted by the major vendors to lead in the cryptococcosis market?
    • What is the market share of the top vendors?

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    Key Players

    Key players operating in the Cryptococcosis Market are-

    • Astellas Pharma Inc (Japan)
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (US)
    • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals (India)
    • Janssen Biotech Inc. (Johnson & Johnson)
    • Novartis AG (Switzerland)
    • Pfizer Inc.
    • Sigmapharm Laboratories LLC
    • Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Canada)
    • Abbott Laboratories  (US)
    • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Israel)

    Target Audience

    The target audience of Cryptococcosis Market includes-

    • Cryptococcosis Vendors
    • Cryptococcosis Manufacturers
    • Cryptococcosis Distributors
    • Organizations
    • Government Bodies.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The cryptococcosis market is expected to witness an impressive growth of 4.6% CAGR in the coming years.

    Astellas Pharma Inc (Japan), Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (US), Glenmark Pharmaceuticals (India), Janssen Biotech Inc. (Johnson & Johnson), Novartis AG (Switzerland), Pfizer Inc., Sigmapharm Laboratories LLC, Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Canada), Abbott Laboratories (US), Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Israel) are the among the key players in the cryptococcosis market.

    The cryptococcosis maket size is expected to reach US$ 6.2 billion in the foreseeable future.

    The flucytosine segment type held a significant share in the cryptococcosis market in 2020.

    North America accounted for the largest share in the cryptococcosis market in 2020.

    Asia-pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the cryptococcosis market in the next five years.