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  • Aluminum Free Food Pouch Market Report

    Aluminum Free Food Pouch Market Report

    Aluminum Free Food Pouch Market Report
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    Aluminum-Free Food Pouch Market Trends, Dynmics & Market Insights
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    Market Insights

    The Aluminum-Free Food Pouch Market is estimated to grow from USD xx million in 2020 to USD xx million by 2026 at a healthy CAGR of xx% during the forecast period.

    Figure: Aluminum-Free Food Pouch Market Size, 2020-2026 (USD Million)


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    What are food pouches?

    Food pouches are common flexible packaging formats for retort food products. They combine the benefits of traditional, rigid reportable food packaging with the modern, flexible material. The aluminum free pouch is developed for packaging of food and is possesses numerous technical advantages.

    Key Players

    Key players operating in the aluminum-free food pouch market are-

    • Astrapak Limited (South Africa)
    • Berry Plastic Corporation (US)
    • Covers (UK)
    • Mondi Group (UK)
    • Sonoco (US)

    Market Dynamics

    With the general use of packaging and development of modern techniques for food safety and commercialization, effective packaging has become vital for all food types from fresh produce to ready to eat meals. The aluminum free food pouch also known as the alu-free pouch are developed to have several advantages which include perfect air-tightness, superior barrier property, diverse options for easy opening, optimal puncture resistance to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the food, rotoprinting to enhance product communication, customization of the pouch as per desired visual effects like glossy, matte, transparent etc.

    Segments' Analysis

    Type Trends

    Based on type, the market has been classified into flat pouches, stand up pouches, and others. The stand up pouches segment accounted for the substantial market share in 2020. Stand-up pouches are uniquely made packaging bags that can stand on their own on any shelf, table, kitchen pantry, or any flat place. These are packaging pouches which feature some bottom gusset and side sealed edges. The side-sealed edges run from the bottom to the top part of the pouch making two strong pouch sides, which proliferates the segment growth.

    Regional Trends

    The market in Asia Pacific accounted for largest share in 2020 and is projected to continue its dominance during the review period. This is mainly ascribed to expansion in food & beverages and personal care sectors mainly due to rising consumer expenditure is likely to propel the regional demand. Also, growing consumer preference for convenient, cost-efficient, and small sized packaging solutions owing to rising number of nuclear families, further bolsters the regional growth.

    COVID-19 Impact on Aluminum-Free Food Pouch Market

    The COVID-19 outbreak moderately impacted the growth of the aluminum-free food pouch market. The pandemic has turned the lives of people worldwide, with number of cases increasing rapidly which has resulted in supply chain disruption. Although, the food & beverages sector was less affected and there was a strong need for food pouches for packaging of convenience-foods, thus spurred the market growth amid the pandemic.

    Critical Questions Answered in the Report-

    • What are the key trends in the aluminum-free food pouch market?
    • How the market (and its various sub-segments) has grown in the last five years and what would be the growth rate in next five years?
    • What is the impact of COVID-19 on aluminum-free food pouch market?
    • What are the key strategies adopted by the major vendors to lead in the aluminum-free food pouch market?
    • What is the market share of the top vendors?

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    Target Audience

    Here is the list of the group of customers that the aluminum-free food pouch market hopes to have the greatest opportunity to convert-

    • Aluminum-Free Food Pouch distributors
    • Aluminum-Free Food Pouch suppliers
    • Aluminum-Free Food Pouch manufacturers
    • Personal care companies
    • Hygiene companies

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Astrapak Limited (South Africa), Berry Plastic Corporation (US), Covers (UK), Mondi Group (UK), and Sonoco (US) are among the key players in the aluminum free food pouch market.

    The stand-up pouches segment accounted for the substantial share in the aluminum-free food pouch market in 2020.

    Asia-pacific is expected to remain dominant in the aluminum-free food pouch market in the coming years.

    Aluminum-Free Food Pouch distributors, Aluminum-Free Food Pouch suppliers, Aluminum-Free Food Pouch manufacturers, Personal care companies, Hygiene companies are the target audience in the aluminum-free food pouch market.