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    Carbon Prepreg Market Report

    Carbon Prepreg Market Report
    Report code - SRAM429 Published On : Jan,2021 No. of Pages: 304
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    Market Insights

    Carbon fiber prepregs offer excellent performance over other prepregs with numerous advantages such as excellent weight reduction, high strength-to-weight ratio, high tensile and compressive strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high fatigue resistance. Escalating demand for lightweight materials from key industries, such as aerospace & defense and automotive, owing to rapidly changing market dynamics with increased demand for lightweight and durable materials is likely to create new revenue pockets for prepreggers in this product category.

    Despite several setbacks in the aerospace and automotive industries in 2019, the prepreg market participants somehow efficacious in maintaining their growth trajectory in the year. However, the outbreak of the pandemic, which was initially anticipated as a viable hitch, later transformed into an obstruction for survival for many stakeholders of almost all the end-use industries with aerospace and automotive proving to be its biggest victims. The wind energy and marine industries proved to be the shining stars during this trying time, keeping the big guns engaged in business.

    The carbon fiber prepreg market is expected to mark a massive decline in 2020. The short-term impact on the market is evident in major players’ H1 2020 results with a massive plunge in revenue, huge loss, employee layoffs, cash-burnouts, production halt, etc. Nevertheless, the long-term outlook still seems hopeful with a gradual rebound in aircraft and automobile production, ultimately imprinting a positive impact on the market. Carbon prepreg accounts for more than a mammoth 80% of the total prepreg market. Stratview Research’s estimates suggest that the market is likely to pick up pace in the years to come to reach an estimated value of US$ 4.9 billion in 2026. The slumping production rate of composite-rich aircraft, B787 and A350XWB is acting as one of the prime reasons behind the market’s delayed recuperation.


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    Segments' Analysis

    Carbon Fiber Prepreg Market Share By End-Use Industry

    Based on the end-use industry type, Stratview research has segmented the market as aerospace & defense, wind energy, automotive, civil engineering, sporting goods, marine, and others. Despite the current glum scenario, the aerospace & defense is expected to push through, maintaining its dominance in the market till 2026. On the other side, the automotive industry is expected to turn the corner, healing at the fastest pace during the forecast period. Unabating demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, owing to rising concerns over environmental pollution and an expected ramp-up in composite penetration in newer aircraft programs are likely to catapult the carbon fiber prepreg demand in the years to come.